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Where to party in Athene

While Mykonos is the island to party on while visiting Greece, that doesn't mean there's unpleasant to be had on the terrain. Try not to think little of Athens' nightlife scene. The alternatives are perpetual: techno-impacting superclubs that are open until dawn, relaxed unrecorded music settings presenting nearby brews, or art mixed drink bars that are the ideal blend of popular and loose. Whatever your vibe, you'll discover a spot for you in Athens. 

It's a really enormous city, so it's most likely best to separate Athens' nightlife by neighborhood. Club-containers should hit up the zones of Gazi and Monastiraki, where you'll discover enormous scenes facilitating worldwide DJs and the lanes pressed with partiers. In case you're progressively about popular bars, sexy girls from Athens, like the area of Exarchia is a hip hotspot with an immense cluster of little bars and a developing nourishment scene. Fashionable people and cool children will fit right in on a night out in Koukaki, where you'll discover unrecorded music settings and chill bars frequented by youthful local people. 

You truly can't turn out badly regardless of where you decide to wind up, as every region is home to a huge amount of spots, ideal for a night of bar and club creeping. So with regards to Athens nightlife, here's all that you have to know. 

athens nightlife, perspective on the city of athens on a bright day 

Gazi Nightlife 

We will do an uncommon profound plunge into this area since, odds are, in case you're a bad-to-the-bone partier (or simply need to look at the Greek party scene), you'll end up here. Gazi is the place you'll locate the sort of goliath clubs you find in films. Think goliath confetti guns, popular DJs, multi-story dancefloors, and music so uproarious you can't hear whatever else. It's European nightlife at its pinnacle. 

Gazi used to be a mechanical neighborhood, however the industrial facilities have been changed over into music scenes, and the tremendous gas works has been transformed into an exhibition hall and social focus called "Technopolis". Taken care of with the clubs you'll discover little bars with solid beverages, unrecorded music, and all around great vibes. 

Where to party in Gazi: 


For a night out like no other, head to Pixi. Not content with simply being a monster move club in a uber-cool remodeled space, Pixi is an entire broad media experience. 3D projections mix flawlessly with the music, spun by a pivoting choice of neighborhood and worldwide DJs. 

Nearest metro: Kerameikos 

Open until: dawn 


Lindsay Lohan's Athenian club is essentially precisely what you'd anticipate. It's one of the city's greatest clubs, frequented by young ladies in heels and men soaked in cologne. Lohan is unquestionably an area for a fun night out in case you're set up for some outrageous clubbing. It's uproarious and sweat-soaked, with blasting music and house artists equipped with sparklers and confetti guns. It's an expensive foundation, so perhaps pre-drink before you arrive. There's a lot of shows coming up, remembering a hip-jump night for October – watch out for their Facebook page for subtleties. 

Nearest metro: Kerameikos 

Open until: 6am Thursday through Sunday 

Cost: €15 passage 

athens nightlife, individuals applauding and cheering in a bar 

Gazaki (Nkazaki) 

By one way or another Gazaki figures out how to be both cheery and laid back. A housetop bar that has been open for a long time, it's frequented by local people and explorers the same. The music is sufficient to move to, yet not all that boisterous that you can't visit with your mates. It doesn't have a portion of the pomposity that accompanies different bars in the territory, so it's a decent spot for a relaxed night. 

Nearest metro: Kerameikos 

Open until: 6am Friday and Saturday, 12 PM on Sunday 

Cost: €7ish drinks 


Profiles is perhaps the trendiest spot in Athens among youthful local people right now. Part unrecorded music scene, part theater, part housetop bar with Acropolis sees, there's continually something going on here to possess your night. It's in fact in the area of Metaxourgeio, yet is as yet a short distance from Gazi. They have themed DJ sets each week so make certain to look at what's going on when you're around the local area. 

Nearest metro: Kerameikos or Th─ôseiou 

Open until: 3am consistently, however 12 PM on Sundays 

Cost: 5€ish for a beverage 

What other place to go clubbing in Athens 

Gazi isn't the main spot to absorb the Athens nightlife. Back in the fundamental downtown area, around the Monastiraki region, you'll locate various other cool clubs to look at for a furious night. 

athens nightlife, troup of individuals moving in a club 

Six d.o.g.s. 

On the off chance that you're partial to the underground techno music vibe, at that point this is the club for you. A colossal stockroom style space, it's somewhat more option than the enormous clubs you'll discover in Gazi. By day it's a social focus and bistro space with shows and unrecorded music, and around evening time it siphons out extraordinary music with a hurling dancefloor and chilled outside nursery. With unrecorded music and DJs on a high pivot, they just re-opened for the winter season and have a huge amount of fascinating follows up on the cards. 

Nearest metro: Monastiraki 

Open until: 2.30am, 4.30am on ends of the week 

Cost: 5€ish for a lager 


Throughout the previous 10 years, this has been the most sizzling spot to encounter Athens nightlife. It's dynamic and uproarious, with a youthful, marginally exciting group. It's eminence for continually having great music, and regularly has surely understood DJs from around the globe. DYBBUK is showy, with sparklers and artists and lasers, an European superclub at its best. 

Nearest metro: Syntagma 

Open until: 9am on ends of the week 

Cost: 10€ section 


With regards to insides, Cinderella can't be beat. This '70s roused club truly inclines toward its retro vibe – light up dancefloors, tremendous disco balls, palm trees, rich pink goods. Regardless of whether you're not nostalgic for the great ol' days of the late '70s, the disco music will get you in the state of mind to boogie the night away. 

Nearest metro: Syntagma 

Open until: 6am Thursday-Saturday 

Cost: 9€ish for drinks 

Also, where to go for laid-back beverages 

Couleur Locale 

In case you're following a major night out yet need to avoid the clubs, this bar ought to be top of your hit rundown. It's a major windy housetop with epic perspectives out to the Acropolis. Sounds like a sham, however it's a quite well-concealed bar above what resembles a deserted structure. The group is for the most part local people who seek the modest mixed drinks, and up to date visitors getting their snaps of the view. 

Nearest metro: Monastiraki 

Open until: 3am on ends of the week, 2am during the week 

Cost: 3-5€ for wine and lager 

athens nightlife, two glasses of wine on a table sitting above the acropolis in athens 


This grungy bar has completely nailed the "very cool without attempting to be" stylish. It has a genuine '90s vibe without pushing it in your face like other sentimentality bars can, with continually changing stylistic layout and modest beverages. The music is adequate to keep you here throughout the night, and your wallet unquestionably won't gripe. 

Nearest metro: Kerameikos 

Open until: 5am on ends of the week, 2am during the week 

Cost: 3€ for beverages 


Cabezon is a quite remarkable space in Athens. Its indoor segment is your stock standard move floor and bar serving incredible mixed drinks, yet the open air region feels like you're in somebody's terrace at a local gathering. It's a most loved for youthful local people and understudies, which gives it a genuine true vibe with loads of vitality. 

Nearest metro: Kerameikos 

Open until: 3am consistently 

Cost: 3€ for beverages

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